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Janik's Pierogi Cafe
Westfield, Massachusetts

Mon-Fri: 10:30am-5:30pm
Sat: 10:30am-4:30pm


Our Story Begins In Poland


Passionate about pierogi like no other! That's the heart of Pierogi Café, where everyone can savor their unique flavors. We take pride in crafting each delicate dough by hand, ensuring a texture that can only be achieved through meticulous kneading and rolling. Whether boiled or fried, filled with your heart's desire, we promise an unforgettable experience!

At Janik's Pierogi Cafe, we offer options for traditionalists, meat enthusiasts, vegetarians, and those with a sweet tooth craving seasonal fruit fillings. Our recipes, passed down through generations, blend old-fashioned charm with modern twists to please every palate. We make it a point to source as many ingredients as we can locally, supporting our community and ensuring freshness in every bite.

Since 1998, Ania & Dorota, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, have been bringing the authentic taste of Poland to the U.S., infusing each bite with a rich culinary heritage. In 2015, we proudly opened our first location in Westfield, MA, marking the beginning of our flavorful journey that transcends borders and generations!

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